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This highly structured 4 week programme provides students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use English effectively with patients and medical professionals in order to provide medical care. The course builds core knowledge in medical terminology using case studies which explore patient conditions and medical situations. In addition, there is a very strong emphasis on confident spoken performance in medical situations through role plays, case studies and simulations which are based around the specialisations and needs of the participants. The course includes 25 hours of study per week, plus 1.5 hours of plenaries, workshops and a 1:1 coaching session. Download more information here.

Daily Course Timetable

08.45 - ­09.00 Plenary – gain confidence in public speaking

09.00­ - 10.00 Skills Training – gain comprehension and expression skills

10.15­ - 11.15 Accuracy in Grammar – gain enhanced accuracy of language use in medical situations

11.30­ - 12.30 Knowledge for the Medical Community – gain specific knowledge and vocabulary for medicine

13.30­ - 14.30 Communication skills for the medical practitioner – develop skills and awareness

14.45­ - 15.45 Confident spoken performance for the medical practitioner – gain professional confidence