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12 November 2019

Why is it important to get the right Study-Life Balance?

 At Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth we realise that the benefits of coming to the UK to study English are many: the chance to be fully immersed in the language, to stay with local people and learn about the culture and to use English in natural, real life situations. But taking a language course overseas is a big commitment, taking time off work or study, leaving family behind and the financial cost of studying in the UK.

Consequently, we realise that it is of vital importance that you get the maximum benefit from your stay here. At Regent you study in 60 minute lessons (proven to be more effective than 45 minutes), there are daily plenaries for you to attend and weekly workshops included with your course for you to build your confidence, pronunciation and understanding. Regular progress tests and structured homework build on the work done with your teacher in lessons.

But there is another aspect of the course which should not be overlooked; life outside the classroom. It is a well known fact that to maximise learning students should ensure that they get the balance right between ‘study’ and ‘life’.

Why is this balance important?

1) To increase productivity. When you have a good balance between study and life then your productivity increases – you learn more in less time.

2) To ensure physical health and well-being. Regular exercise increases the left side of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for moving what you have just learnt (e.g. new vocabulary or grammar rules) from short term to the long term memory.

3) To improve social skills. Spending time with other people from different countries not only opens your mind to other ideas and cultures but also helps you to build confidence in using your English.


How Regent can help?

You can get the benefits of a good study / life balance in a number of ways, from small changes you can make in your daily routine to planning the time you spend outside of school. Why don’t you:

  • Use the break times to speak with other students, resist the temptation to look at your phone and practise using the language you have learnt.

  • Get involved in the social programme. Each school offers a number of activities every week to give you a range of choices of how to spend your time outside of the school hours; this could be a group trip to a local museum, the cafe or an evening going ten-pin bowling.

  • Get out and about. Here at Regent Scanbrit we are lucky to be next to the beach and the New Forest and you can try sports such as surfing, horse riding or walking through the forest.

  • Join us on our weekly run along the beach to the local nature reserve after school.

  • Use your weekly coaching session with your teacher to set yourself goals for the coming week and for the long term. By planning your study time you will find you have more time for the other things you enjoy.

Studying in the UK is a wonderful opportunity, but in order to get the maximum benefit make the most of your time outside the classroom as well as the time inside. Speak with the school principal to find out how we can make your time in the UK memorable, positive and productive.

Steve Mott


Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth

Posted by Andy Walsh on 12 Nov 2019

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