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16 March 2015

Happiness and Study

Have you ever noticed how happiness affects your studies? It could be the answer to getting great results, another reason to feel very happy indeed!

Happiness and study

The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. But once obtained, what do we do with it? International Day of Happiness is set for 20 March this year, and serves as a reminder to us all that happiness is an important and necessary part of success in life. Research has shown that people who are happy are far more productive in their work or studies, and achieve much better results than people who are unhappy. Warwick Business School led an interesting study on students' performances of mundane tasks both before and after watching a comedy sketch


So, why is happiness the key to our success and ability to learn and achieve great results? Studies have shown that happiness has a strong link with better decision making and greater creativity. Of course if you are making good decisions and being creative then you are generally more likely to be happy. Numerous studies have been taken in schools across the UK that show that students' success in coursework and exams greatly improve if they are feeling happy.


So, rather than success being the key to happiness, research shows that happiness could in fact be the key to success.


Our schools are celebrating International Day of Happiness - Have a look below to see what they all got up to:



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