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24 March 2017

Educational Leadership Conference 2017

We strive to deliver an outstanding educational experience for every student, leaving them with the life skills and knowledge in English they need to succeed in their future lives.

To make sure that we always deliver a life changing experience we too work hard at learning, refining our educational ideas and concepts, and innovating to ensure that our courses are as effective as possible.

Our recent Educational Leadership Conference at St Edmund's Hall, an Oxford University college, was one way we have done this recently. By sharing ideas and discussing key educational concepts, we empower our teachers and academic managers to improve the educational experience in their own school and strengthen our students’ success.

The theme of the conference was ‘Leading with an outcome focus’. During the conference we heard from academic board members and education leaders on a range of topics designed to engage our teachers and help them to create new ideas to ensure they deliver outstanding courses.

Our academic board plays an essential role in the shaping of our academic culture, and board member Marion Williams gave a talk titled Innovation and Change. She discussed the importance of constantly seeking to improve our teaching programmes, ensuring that we are not afraid to change our courses to help ensure the best possible student experience.

The Owner, Till Gins, discussed the importance of identifying and achieving the student’s ultimate objective and removing the barriers to making progress. Many students come to use with short term goals, but these goals often sit within a broader life goal. If we identify this goal then we can help deliver meaningful change and development for each student.

Speaker Khalid Alsaif had a unique perspective at the conference, as the only student speaker. He used his time as a student at Regent Oxford to inform his discussion which explored how students, given the right framework, can benefit from the school’s ethos. His talk was followed up by Regent Oxford’s Academic Manager Oliver Beaumont, who explored the implications of Khalid’s talk and discussed how leading with a student focus can be an effective way of always keeping student outcomes in mind. 

Harry Thain, a Regent teacher, discussed the role cultural habits play on students’ manner and the impact this can have on their interactions. He explored the importance of raising students' awareness of cultural differences and the harnessing of this knowledge in future interactions in our global community. 

Take a look below at some pictures from the day:


Posted by Kelly Knight on 24 Mar 2017

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