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6 April 2017

Transforming ambition into reality

A course with Regent prepares each student to succeed in their lives and achieve their goals. We focus on the importance of spoken performance and interpersonal skills as a way for students to build confidence and discover their identity in English.

Khalid, a Regent Oxford student, came to us with a low level of English and limited confidence in his ability. Previous teachers had criticised his speaking ability and told him he would never become an impressive speaker. This negative experience meant he had given up on his dream of being able to wow an audience, in English.  Then he came to Regent.  The Regent Oxford staff and teachers helped him to develop his confidence and use his undoubted drive and determination to help him excel.

During his 8 months with us his ability and confidence improved dramatically and he was given the honour of being the first student speaker at our annual Educational Leadership conference. This incredible transformation is thanks to his desire, sparked again by Regent Oxford's rigorous educational environment.  It shows how a student with dedication and clear goals can work seamlessly with us to achieve their objectives.

Khalid's exceptional progress meant that he was selected to address a group of teachers and academic leaders. He was daunted by the prospect of speaking at such an important event, but persevered to give an outstanding speech that connected with the audience.
Khalid's journey from basic English to delivering an engaging speech at an educational conference is a culmination of months of hard work and determination. His achievements are proof of his hard work, the excellent work of Regent teachers and the strength of the educational syllabus in place in our schools. 

Posted by Kelly Knight on 6 Apr 2017

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