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2 February 2016

Expanding horizons and strengthening your possibilities

Learning a new language is a fantastic way to open up a world of new possibilities and enhance both your career and educational prospects, but learning a language in the country in which it is spoken helps you to develop more than just your language skills. Studying English in the UK enriches your learning experience by developing your cultural knowledge and academic experience, giving everything you learn a relevant, usable context.

The British Council have published a recent report highlighting the value of studying overseas, and how it can improve career prospects and promote confident and competent English language use. This study states 'One of the most significant outcomes of the study abroad experience is student awareness that he or she has been able to gain personal and professional skills, alongside an academic education, to boost their career prospects at home and internationally.' This is that the very centre of what Regent Language Training do for our students. We do not simply teach the language, but help each student to experience it, gaining cultural knowledge and interpersonal skills as they study.

Studying in the UK gives you an intense cultural awareness which helps you to increase your understanding and knowledge of the English language. Our schools are located in areas of significant cultural interest across the UK, and each location offers a different, but equally valuable cultural experience. We encourage you to take the opportunity to explore the unique culture of your school's location and add this to your learning experience. Each Regent school is a varied, multinational environment, allowing you to study alongside students from a range of different countries and cultures. This allows you to build your confidence in communicating in an international environment.

Studying with Regent in the UK does not only enhance your career prospects in your home country, but also internationally. Students who study English in the UK are more aware of and more likely to pursue international career opportunities, using the personal and professional skills attained whilst studying.

The multinational courses we run at each Regent school are designed to encourage you to speak English at all times with teachers and fellow students which results in fast progress and confident communication skills. You will also gain an understanding of the cultural context in which English is used, enhancing your use of the language and preparing you for a successful international future.

For more information and to download the British Council report, click here

Posted by Kelly Knight on 2 Feb 2016

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