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18 August 2015

Developing interpersonal skills and strategies

To make the best possible use of your developing language skills it is important to develop the skills you will need in order to use English effectively. The Regent learning atmosphere is one in which collaboration and communication thrives, allowing you to use your new language skills to your full potential.

Our recent trip to Sky Studios in Edinburgh gave our students the perfect opportunity to put their developing language skills into practice by creating their own news broadcast on a range of interesting topics. Our students were given the subject of cultural diversity to explore and discuss on their news report. Our students were split into 4 groups and each team chose a topic to discuss for their section of the news programme. Each team then had to plan, write and film their segment ready for the final programme, their hard work can be seen hereThis excursion gave our students a fantastic opportunity to improve their confidence and practice their planning, speaking and team working skills and also to develop their global knowledge on a range of subjects related to cultural diversity.

Each Regent school is a community of learners who interact with each other every day in a variety of ways. All of our in class and out of class activities help students engage and interact with each other to express their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs and develop their communication skills. Our learning community includes students of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds who are encouraged to engage and collaborate with each other both in and out of class. This means that each student has experience of overcoming language barriers in order to communicate their thoughts and feelings confidently.

Many of our students are encouraged to give plenaries or assemblies to the whole school. Public speaking can often be a nerve wracking experience and finding the courage to speak in front of fellow students and teachers improves confidence. Giving plenaries also encourages students to engage in thoughtful planning and persuasive writing in order to successfully convey their thoughts and ideas.

During classes we offer global knowledge sessions which discuss a range of topics which have international significance. Students research and debate topics ranging from politics and power, to history and art and present their ideas in debates, presentations and group activities. These sessions help students build well structured arguments, debate their ideas and find the best ways to persuade and convey meaning, building the skills necessary to a confident, international future.


Posted by Kelly Knight on 18 Aug 2015

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