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12 June 2017

World Environment Day at Regent Oxford

On Monday 5th June, staff and students at Regent Oxford celebrated World Environment Day. Environmental issues have been in the news recently with the signing of the Paris Agreement and this inspired our students to take a closer look at the issues surrounding the environment.

Taking inspiration from the events in Paris, staff and students held a mock press conference to discuss some of the main issues surrounding the environment and the signing of the agreement. Staff used the Knowledge for a Global Community (KGC) session to tackle the issue of climate change and raise awareness of this topical global issue.

The press conference was held in the KGC class in which questions were put to teachers and students posing as Donald Trump on the USA's exit from the Paris Agreement; Elon Musk about his withdrawal from the Presidential Advisory Council, his future projects and his unusual name; a scientist about the future of the planet and climate change, and a pair of key-players in the fossil fuels industry about the future of energy.

Students were tasked with researching the environment from a very specific point of view, and then using this research to answer questions from this perspective. The mock press conference provided a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop their confidence and public speaking skills and also allowed them to understand more about this complex topic.

Take a look below at photos from the day.


Posted by Kelly Knight on 12 Jun 2017

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