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20 September 2017

International day of Democracy

15th September marked the International Day of Democracy and staff and students ar Regent London and Regent Oxford used this opportunity to explore the idea of democracy further.

Regent Oxford

Regent Oxford held a Knowledge for the Global Community fair looking at democracy. Students were split into teams - each team was pitching their petition from fighting racism and prejudice to more transparent taxation system to better healthcare. Students had a fantastic opportunity to explore complex ideas and use presice vocabulary to express their thoughts and ideas. The students worked hard on their presentations and were incredibly persausive, but the overall winner of the fair was Min-Jung Chiu. Her proposal was about changing the way bus tickets are sold in order to make the process easier and less time-consuming for bus users - she proposed selling them at bus stops rather then buying them from the bus driver. Her presentation and performance were fantastic and she presented alone not as part of a team, so an impressive effort! Take a look below at some photos from the day:


Regent London

Teacher Sholto held special events in the school. On Tusday Sholto led an excursion to the Houses of Prliament, which was followed on Friday by a discussion on British democracy. The UK has a historic and complex governmental system and students were keen to find out more about how the system works.


Knowledge for the Global Community sessions were a special exploration of democracy - including knowledge about the democratic process in the UK and debating. On Friday 15th Academic Manager Ian gave a plenary on the language of democracy.



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