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12 November 2015

Cambridge exam success with Regent

Every Regent exam course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to achieve the exam results they need to reach their goals.

Our courses use a wide range of approaches and techniques to ensure that each student has the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to perform to the best of their ability during their examination.

How we help you achieve exam success:


Highly skilled teachers

Our experienced teachers are familiar with all aspects of your exam and teach for exam success. We provide students with a comfortable and challenging learning environment, where they are free to make mistakes and learn from them.

Private study after lessons

To supplement in class learning, each student is given 2-3 hours of homework to complete each night. This rigorous study schedule helps students prepare for Papers 1 and 2 and keeps them focused throughout the day, even after lessons have finished. This helps to guarantee that they are making effective use of their time and make visible progress. 

Regular testing

We hold tests once a week to help familiarise students with the format and feel of their exam. We test students on a different paper each week to ensure they have experience of each area of the exam. When students know what to expect from their examination their confidence increases, together with their results.

Video performance comparison

When studying for an exam it is important to be aware of your progress and understand that improvements can always be made. Our teachers use this filming session to ask questions from Cambridge Paper 4 to further train students in this aspect of the exam and to help reduce nerves and perfect technique. As these sessions are filmed, students and teachers review these sessions taking note of areas that require improvement.


We use weekly coaching to assess progress and identify areas for improvement. Weekly goals are set and assessed, and results from mock tests are reviewed. Your coach looks at the results of the weekly tests to help you visualise progress and set ambitious but achievable goals to push you to realise your potential. Each student receives a personalised set of learning objectives with targets specific to their own progress and exam goals.


Targeted sessions

Each lesson of the day has a specific purpose and works on a different skill.

Skills Training - Real life contexts form the basis of this session helping students understand how to apply their knowledge to real world conversations and tasks. Students develop their speaking and listening skills which help them understand and analyse spoken information found in Paper 2. The lesson also focuses on writing skills and which enables students to tackle Paper 3 with confidence and a range of skills at their disposal.  

Accuracy in Grammar – Grammar forms the building blocks of a language and having a solid knowledge of grammar helps students understand and appreciate the intricacies of the English language, allowing them to express themselves more freely and with confidence. This session helps students with all the Cambridge exam papers.

Knowledge for a Global Community – A wide and varied vocabulary is something that markers look for in all Cambridge papers, and this is what this session delivers. Students work on a broad range of historical, sociological and cultural topics that enables them to discuss a range of different ideas and perspectives clearly. Weekly presentations or debates help students to express their ideas using speech and written work, helping students prepare for Cambridge Papers 2 and 4.

Examination Focus – Exam skills and practice are essential for students to help them gain confidence in performing under exam conditions and to the requirements of the Cambridge Exam. Understanding how the exam works and how it is marked allows students to give expressive and accurate answers, helping to improve their results.

Exam Skills Spoken Performance – Focusing on Paper 4, this session helps students improve the fluency and natural rhythm of their speech which is assessed by examiners. This lesson helps you to develop your spoken performance through practice and feedback.


To find out more about how we prepare students for Cambridge Exams, take a look at this video.