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4 January 2016

Study Skills - Take responsibility

'Want to improve your students’ study skills? Gradually turn over responsibility to them, and help them build skills that reinforce hard work, preparation, and practice.' Marsha Ratzel

Taking responsibility for your own learning can lead to fast development and a sense of pride in your hard work and newly acquired skills. To become an independent learner who takes responsibility for their own work you can set goals, identify strengths and weaknesses in your skills and discover and develop you own personal learning style. This will help you to become an English user who is capable of independent thought with a wealth of transferable skills, you will see faster progress and results that are specific to your future goals.

How to take responsibility:

Setting and assessing personal goals

Can you remember the reason you started to learn English? What were the goals you originally set yourself? Those decisions were the start of your journey as an independent learner taking responsibility for your English language learning. Maybe you are learning English for further study, for a change of career or to make international travel easier. Whatever the reason, you are the only person who fully understands the importance of English to your future life, so letting someone else set your goals doesn't seem to make much sense! Setting and assessing your goals on a regular basis can help to motivate you to learn more and develop a sense of achievement when you look at how much you have learnt.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Taking responsibility for your own learning makes it easier to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once these have been identified you can work on a learning plan that focuses on the areas that you need most help with, increasing the speed of your learning, and build the skills you have been trying to perfect.

Your personal learning style:

Every person prefers to learn in a certain way, finding that some techniques work better than others. Taking the time to consider which method works best for you can open many new possibilities for study and may increase the speed in which you can learn new information. To find out about the different styles of learning, take a look at this website.

Why take responsibility?:

An independent and capable thinker

Being able to manage your studies outside the classroom will help to develop your independence. Planning your studies will help you gain independence and freedom, using activities that work for you and discarding those that don't. These skills will help to establish you as an independent and capable thinker able to respond flexibly to a range of planned and spontaneous situations.

Transferable skills:

Taking responsibility for your learning requires a good set of soft-skills which will naturally develop over time. These skills will help you better plan your learning as they develop, but can also be applied to other areas of your life. Skills like time management, planning, self-assurance and problem solving skills all play a part in planning your personalised learning schedule, but will also help with prospects for your career or future education.

Progress and results:

By tailoring your learning and taking responsibility for setting your own study tasks and goals, your progress will be faster and the results you achieve will be of special importance to you and will help you realise your long term goals.

A course with Regent allows you to build you knowledge of English and gives you the skills you need to study effectively outside the classroom. Our emphasis is to help each learner become independent and take charge of their learning and study goals. To find out more about a course with Regent, click here.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 4 Jan 2016

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