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25 January 2016

Helping you prepare for university

We understand how important your further study at a UK university is to your future in English.

Having the right English level and skill set is essential to start a degree and a course with Regent will raise your level and give you the skills and confidence required.

Studying in England to prepare yourself for UK university has other benefits aside from gaining the necessary skills and qualifications to enrol on your course. Moving to the UK and starting a degree course at a big university can seem intimidating. Joining a small community of learners before you begin can really help you adjust to life in the UK. Our classes are held in small groups which promote close relationships and helps students to adjust to taking lessons in English. 

For students (normally aged 17 or 18) looking to move straight from school to university we offer the University Foundation Programme. This course provides students with an academic qualification and a direct route to university for a range of courses including Computer Science, Business Management and Finance. See here for our full list. This course develops academic skills and understanding, familiarising students with academic terminology and equipping them with a skill set that enables them to take on new and complex learning challenges.

Universities have particular requirements for each student's level of English, often dependent on the course. For students who already have the required academic qualification to start their course our IELTS programme is the perfect choice and helps raise your English to the level you require. The IELTS qualification is recognised worldwide and our programme is varied and highly structured, designed to keep students engaged and motivated throughout the course. Students study to improve their exam skills whilst building vocabulary and fluency using authentic and engaging situations to help build confidence and competence.

If you're preparing for university entrance you can speak to our team to discuss the right study option to help you achieve your learning goals. You can:

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Posted by Kelly Knight on 25 Jan 2016

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