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22 March 2016

Sending English teaching materials to Malawi

At Regent we understand the importance of educational opportunities for people across the world. Not everybody has equal access to education ​and in ​Malawi there is the additional challenge ​of an abrupt switch to English as the medium of instruction, from the national language Chichewa, halfway through primary school. ​

We've teamed up with ​two organisations to help support this process and make education more accessible. ​Malawi Education Project ​is a Bristol charity that supports Sinthana, an independent organisation in Malawi. Sinthana is based on the Chichewa word for 'exchange' and has a community learning centre providing the local community with learning resources. Regent supported their work by donating English ​language learning ​books and classroom supplies.

Sinthana​'s​ Community Learning Centre has been developed from a small library in a rural primary school into an accessible centre ​that supports learning and education for all people in the community. Their goal is to improve education ​opportunities and promote successful community development.

The organisation is run completely by Malawians and only receives international aid ​that will eventually lead to self-sufficiency and independence. Our small donation is part of a much larger effort to help this community learning project develop into a self​-​sustainable centre which will be of increasing benefit to the local community as it grows and develops.

​ ​The donation project at Regent is led by Victoria Newton, ​P​rincipal of Regent Summer Schools. She has a long​standing and close relationship with Malawi Education Project and Sinthana having worked with Sinthana's Founder and Centre Manager, Brighten Ndawala, to facilitate the development​ of this organisation. ​

Our donation also included the contribution of 18 medical books to the College of Medicine at Malawi University. This donation will contribute towards improving the eucational materials available at the university.

To find out more about the project you can look at the following sites:​

See below Victoria Newton, Tumaini Malenga and Kelly Knight selecting and packing books for Sinthana.

Staff and students at Sinthana were delighted to receive their donation


Posted by Kelly Knight on 22 Mar 2016

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