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11 April 2016

Exploring England with Regent

We all know how beneficial it is to study a language in the country in which it is spoken, but it can also be beneficial to study in more than one city.

We've already explored the importance of studying English in England in our blog post Expanding horizons and enhancing your possibilities but there are also many benefits to studying in more than one location in your chosen country of study.


Building confidence through independence

Moving from place to place may seem daunting at first, but is a fantastic way to practise your developing English skills. Whether you're taking a train, plane or taxi to your new city you'll get the chance to speak with airport or train station staff or make polite conversation with your taxi driver, you'll feel filled with new found confidence thanks to your independent travel.


Getting out of your comfort zone

If you've been studying in the same place for a long time you can find yourself getting very comfortable with the way your teachers, fellow students and homestay hosts use English. While this can improve your confidence, it can also be beneficial to practise your communication skills with new teachers, friends and school staff helping you to familiarise yourself with the different ways in which people use English. New teachers can also provide interesting insights into the language and help you find new ways to study.


Cultural discovery

Learning about the local customs and convention of a town or city can be a fun and interesting way to understand more about the culture and language you are learning. You can gain fascinating insights into the way local people use language and how different cities vary. Although England can seem like a small country we have a wide and varied cultural heritage. Visiting more than one city during your stay can help you to gain a more thorough understanding of Britain, and give you more life experience and so more to say.


Exploring the English accent

The English accent varies across the country. Getting used to one English accent is great but it is even better to get used to people with different accents to help build up your listening skills to prepare you for whoever you may meet in the future.


Regent makes it easy for you to explore England and receive an intensive English programme. We have schools in 6 fantastic locations across the UK which share programmes and use common assessment criteria, making it easy for you to transfer from one school to another. We have schools in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Edinburgh and Bournemouth, click here to find out more 

Posted by Kelly Knight on 11 Apr 2016

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