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12 April 2016

Regent IATEFL scholarship 2016

Above shows Regent Director of Education Geoff Hardy-Gould with this year's winner. 


For the last 5 years Regent has offered a scholarship through the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). The purpose of the scholarship is to provide opportunities and an international platform for English language teachers to discuss their ideas and engage with the English language teaching community.

We are delighted to announce that our winner for the 2016 Regent IATEFL scholarship is Luciana Fernandez from Argentina. Her application highlighted a forward-thinking and innovative approach to teaching using similar ideas to those used in all Regent schools.

Luciana is a primary and kindergarten deputy head and teacher trainer devoted to improving the standard of education. Her approach to teacher training is one that promotes relevant content and contextual learning for young students, thereby promoting independent thought and critical thinking skills.  

All IATEFL scholarship winners give a presentation at the conference, held this year in Birmingham. Luciana's talk was entitled "The teaching of language through literacy and thinking skills" and explores the idea that language teachers cannot and should not teach language in isolation and out of context. She argued that they should engage their students in activities in which learners use the language for real purposes. Her session focused on the key question of how teachers can not just produce knowledge in their students, but how to produce an ability in them.  Crucially she said that teachers need to focus on helping students do activities in the language, rather than doing activities about the language. We couldn't agree more! Click here to download her presentation and find out more.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 12 Apr 2016

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