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Descubre mas de la experiencia de Regent al leer lo que dicen nuestros estudiantes sobre nuestras escuelas y cursos:

Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth

Amazing school, very helpful staff and provide everything for the students to improve their English. It was the right place to achieve my goals – Izedine
The school staff will help you with any problem. The teachers give attention to every student because of the small groups in class, which is very useful if you want to improve your English in a short time – Lara
I found my lessons really interesting and spoke a lot in English. My teachers were extremely helpful. I feel I have improved my listening skills and I am more confident in grammar – Guido 
Talking with students who come from all over the world with different accents and opinions has definitely helped me to improve my English and my understanding of the world as well. Bournemouth is a lovely international town close to many wonderful places. It’s a great place for younger students to study and have fun – Jose


Regent Brighton

Regent Brighton is almost like a home to me. I first came here 2 years ago and I've been coming back every summer since that. I fell in love with the city and met wonderful people here-not only amongst students but also school staff – Anna
I would like to encourage other students and tell them to choose Brighton Regent School. They will improve their language skills – Irakli


Regent Cambridge

Regent school has been helpful and useful for me. I had the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world and to practice my English with them while making new friends, furthermore, I really like the school and how it's organised, full of friendly and helpful staff which I could count on – Ilaria
I had a really great time with my teachers and friends, I have developed my English and achieved a higher level. Thank youfor everything!!! - Kristina
I definitely enjoyed time spent here. Thanks for providing the best education quality and brilliant friendly atmosphere – Vladislav


Regent Edinburgh

It was the best experience of my life! I had the chance to meet wonderful people from all around the world. There was always something exciting to do and Edinburgh was amazing! - Federica
Nice and familiar atmosphere with small class sizes. Qualified and professional team. I highly recommend Regent Scotland. Edinburgh is also a perfect destination – Nerea
It’s important to have positive feeling towards my job, and I got it by the training at your school. Before coming to Regent, even when I knew there was something I need to improve with my English, I could not figure out what it was, and by having a training at Regent, I knew what I needed to work on. Writing sentences at class and given advice was very helpful for me. In my case, I worked on writing sentences using linking words. Now that I know what this school is like, I would like to come back in the future - Yoko


Regent London

I really like Regent London. The lessons were not only useful, but also relaxing and full of humour. The teachers were very kind and friendly. The students come from all over the world so there were enough opportunities to experience different accents and cultures. It was really helpful. Many of the students were very fluent so it was interesting to talk with them even if I had very good English...The school is located in the very central part of London. The town has beautiful historical buildings. There are many places to visit. Regent London is excellent – Kazuya
Even for engineers in my age (>50) who are dealing on a daily basis with English I can strongly recommend a course like this – Wolfgang


Regent Oxford

If you want to improve your English a lot, to meet new friends, to study hard but to have a lot of fun at the same time, Regent is what you are searching for! - Cecilia
The school is very useful to improve your English and to make new friends! I enjoyed a lot of the time spent here. I would like to stay here longer – Giulia
It is a great place to study and learn. People and staff are great and very helpful – Maite
Many thanks for the friendly, focused, tailored and professional teaching! - Razvan


Home Tuition

The lessons are very useful. I learned a lot of new vocab. I think, now I'm better at speaking , because I always speak with English speakers – Ekaterina, Russia
Thank you for the lessons. It was very interesting and educational, useful for me. I learnt a lot of new information - Polina
The lessons were absolutely fabulous! It was a pleasure to get up every morning to follow them, the explanations were perfectly clear and interesting and there was plenty of speaking practice - Kilian
Lessons were very interesting. I didn't know there can be so many ways of learning the language, but after the course I feel very clever!! - Anna

Regent Summer Schools

I think the school is great. I talk a lot of English and this is a good thing. The teachers are very nice and the bedrooms are amazing – Monta
I love all the Regent staff. I love my bedroom. Food is the best :) I always speak in English – Nini
In total: It was awesome – George
It is a very beautiful school with good food and amazing staff – Liza