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1 agosto 2018

6 ways you can expand your English vocabulary

A wide vocabulary will help you to express your thoughts and ideas more clearly when you communicate in English. It can make a difference if you're taking an English exam, or applying for a job where English is uased as the main language of communication. Follow our 6 tips to help you expand your vocabulary today!

1. Read books
Reading is a great place to start if you’re looking to expand your vocabulary. Don’t think you can only read books, try reading newspapers, magazines and blogs around topics you’re interested in. If you don’t have a lot of free time for reading, try downloading a news app on your phone and read on your commute or lunch break for a few minutes every day.

2. Take notes
English is everywhere - from billboards to street signs and everywhere in between! If you come across a words you don’t recognise, write it down to research it later. This is a great way to discover both common and more unusual words.

3. Pocket dictionary or phone app
If you’re not much of a note-taker then think about carrying a pocket dictionary or installing a dictionary app on your phone. This way you can quickly look up new words wherever you are.

4. Use them!
Discovering new words can feel like a real achievement but they won’t stay in your memory for very long unless you start to use them. Lots of websites show you example sentences using the word you’re searching for, helping you to understand it in context and helping you to find ways to use it in conversation. is a great example.

5. Learn a word a day - or nominate a word of the day
Try to learn a new world every day. Most of us use smartphones, and there a a number of great apps to help you expand your vocabulary:

6. Vocabulary webs - make groups of useful words that link together, helping you to identify related words that might be useful in conversation. See our example below:


Posted by Kelly Knight on 1 ago. 2018

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