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4 agosto 2015

International Day of Friendship

Building friendships and creating connections with people from other countries and cultures is a fantastic way to use English naturally within the international community.

For Regent, The UN International day of Friendship celebrates the power of the bonds our students make with their peers and teachers during their time studying with us.

In an English language learning environment, these connections lead to international collaborations and increased understanding for other cultures and help to strengthen each student's place in a worldwide community of English speakers. These multicultural links also present an opportunity to explore common thoughts and feelings in a new language, helping to consolidate a new identity as an English language user.

Our schools celebrated International Day of Friendship in different ways highlighting the benefits of international friendships and encouraging students to reach out to their fellow learners and make new friends.

Regent Edinburgh asked students to take photographs which explored the quote: "Be true to your work, your word, and your friends" - Henry David Thoreau. Students shared their photos on Facebook and the competition winner was announced in their Friday plenary.

Students at Regent Brighton made friendship bracelets to celebrate and strengthen their new international friendships by being honest and open about their feelings.

At Regent London, Principal Janey gave an interesting plenary exploring the power of the importance of friendship in our lives and how it can build bridges across fractured communities. This gave our students the opportunity to see friendship in a new way and to consider the power that building international connections and friendships can have to the wider global community.

Regent Cambridge discussed the English phrase: "A friend in need is a friend indeed!", which led to discussions, debates and essay writing about the value of friendship in modern society!

Why not share your experiences and the friendships you made at Regent on our Facebook page.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 4 ago. 2015

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