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Regent Bournemouth:

"I love Regent Bournemouth! It was an amazing time! I'll miss everybody from this school. It is the best English school in the world." Kateryna Dubykhvist, Ukraine

Regent Brighton:

"Regent Brighton is almost like home to me. I first came here two years ago and I've been coming back every summer since then." Anna Adrianna Myrczek, Poland

Regent Cambridge:

"If you google 'the best language school in the world', Regent Cambridge will be the first result." Irene Gasparre, Italy

Regent Edinburgh:

"Guys go to Regent Edinburgh! The staff is good and you can learn English and have fun  Edinburgh is the best city that I've ever seen" Cinzia Carlini, Italy

Regent London:

"I was at Regent London 12 years ago for one month and it was a beautiful experience, I'm pleased to reaffirm the same now, you are a great team!" Francesca Testo, Italy

Regent Oxford:

"Regent Oxford is unique school. I cannot tell all of a good things that I met, you have to come and study here by yourself" Areerat Sura-amonrattana, Thailand

Regent Summer Schools at Stowe

"It is a very beautiful school with good food and amazing staff" Liza