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12 décembre 2016

International food party at Regent Oxford

Food has vast cultural significance to people from all across the globe, each with their own traditions, customs and dishes that say something unique about their history and culture.

Regent Oxford's international food party gave students the chance to come together to share the food which has meaning to them, but also to learn about the importance of food to people from other countries and cultures.

A love and respect for food is something that people from many countries share, so it makes for a great way for people to come together and share ideas and cultural heritage in a peaceful and meaningful way. 

Students shared kabsa from Saudi Arabia, Italian pasta in a bechamel sauce, Korean stuffed mushrooms and egg-fried courgettes, chocolate Toblerone mousse from Switzerland, Thai spicy papaya salad, pies from the UK and an Arabic dessert of biscuits and cream.

Take a look below at some images from the night.


Posted by Kelly Knight on 12 déc. 2016

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