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Thinking Skills

TED talks at Regent Oxford

31 janv. 2017 by Kelly Knight

TED talks have a long history of delivering inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas and staff and students at Regent Oxford decided to follow in their footsteps.

Staff and students at Regent Oxford were given the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers, to encourage critical thinking and develop knowledge and understanding of a range of topics.

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Regent Edinburgh at Sky Academy Skills Studio

9 août 2016 by Kelly Knight

We provided students at Regent Edinburgh with the chance to demonstrate their skills by preparing and presenting their own news report at Sky Skills Studios.

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Helping you prepare for university

25 janv. 2016 by Kelly Knight

We understand how important your further study at a UK university is to your future in English.

Having the right English level and skill set is essential to start a degree and a course with Regent will raise your level and give you the skills and confidence required.

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Study Skills - Take responsibility

4 janv. 2016 by Kelly Knight

'Want to improve your students’ study skills? Gradually turn over responsibility to them, and help them build skills that reinforce hard work, preparation, and practice.' Marsha Ratzel

Taking responsibility for your own learning can lead to fast development and a sense of pride in your hard work and newly acquired skills. To become an independent learner who takes responsibility for their own work you can set goals, identify strengths and weaknesses in your skills and discover and develop you own personal learning style. This will help you to become an English user who is capable of independent thought with a wealth of transferable skills, you will see faster progress and results that are specific to your future goals.

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Global Entrepreneurship week

15 déc. 2015 by Kelly Knight

Global Entrepreneurship week is an opportunity to celebrate innovation and those who strive to make a difference. Our schools focused their learning around this subject with some interesting results.

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