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6 reasons to choose Homestay accommodation

16 mar 2020 by Andy Walsh

Choosing the right accommodation is an important part of any overseas study trip. Should you choose to stay in a student residence, perhaps it is better to rent an apartment for yourself or how about staying with a local homestay? We would always recommend staying with one of our wonderful hosts, and this is why...

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The Oxford Principals’ Forum 2019

18 ott 2019 by Andy Walsh

We are delighted to say that the annual Oxford Principals’ Forum was a huge success and brought together all the Regent Principals with many of our Education Consultants for some really useful seminars, workshops and meetings.

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo da Vinci

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4 community events at Regent Oxford

13 feb 2019 by Andy Walsh

At Regent Oxford we strive to always deliver the best possible student experience. Every week we organise stimulating, educational events. This provides a chance for staff and students to exchange their own unique perspectives in English and to share knowledge, ideas and expertise on a wide range of subjects.

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