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3 giugno 2016

Study skills - Work with study friends

Studying with friends can be a great way to study, providing you with a supportive network of people with similar goals and aspirations. There are lots of ways that a study partner or study group can help you learn and keep you motivated.



How can a study group help?

Being a part of a regular study group can motivate you to study even when you don't feel like it. The thought of letting your friends down or not wanting to miss a session can be enough to persuade you to make it to your group.

Studying with friends means you can bring together your different study techniques, strengths and abilities. Maybe one of your friends has a really useful technique for learning vocabulary, or maybe another friend is really great at explaining grammar rules. Each person in your group can build their own skills by learning lessons from others in the group.


Teaching other members of the group can help strengthen your own knowledge and understanding and can help build your confidence. This can also open discussions on subjects that help you gain a deeper understanding of the topic discussed.


Studying in a group can be a great way to make friends and combine your studies with an enjoyable evening.


Studying in a group helps you practise your conversational skills, which in turn helps with confidence and fluency. As you're with friends you'll be more relaxed and less worried about making mistakes so can experiment more freely with English.


What to consider when forming your study group

Finding the right people to study with is essential to your success so we've put some tips together to help you create the perfect study group.

Most importantly, make sure your group is small and make sure that the people in your group have similar goals in English. This will make sure that your sessions can be well structured and everyone can make progress. It's also important to have a well structured group that meets on a regular day at a regular time to help everyone attend as often as possible, helping to ensure nobody misses a session. It's important to plan what you'll cover in your session. Take some time at the end of your meeting to plan the next one so you use your time effectively.

Don't forget to work hard but still have fun. Study groups are a great place for informal learning. Relaxed conversation can often help you explore English in a new way and the prospect of a fun and educational evening will help you stay focused to achieve your goals.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 3 giu 2016

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