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19 luglio 2016

Our academic approach

At Regent we encourage students to view themselves as users, not learners of English, moving their focus away from traditional language learning and instead focusing on how they can use the language effectively to achieve their goals.

A focus on language use and not simply language acquisition gives our students the chance to practise in a range of real life speaking situations.  This helps to build their confidence when using English in the real situations they will encounter after their course ends. For instance, on our English World course the Knowledge for the Global Community session engages students using a range of historical, economic and cultural topics. These topics provide a platform for students to discuss opinions and ideas freely, developing their global knowledge and awareness, and developing their identity as a second language English speaker.

Morning plenaries, school events and an immersive cultural programme all combine to create a close community of teachers and learners, providing each student with a familiar and safe environment in which to practise English inside and outside the classroom. This secure environment is combined with a high level of challenge inside the classroom to ensure that students are always striving to achieve their potential and are willing to take chances in the pursuit of their goals.

Our approach to education is what makes a course with Regent different. Our academic framework is shaped by our academic board, including Marion Williams who was recently interviewed on her educational approach by EL Gazette. Click here to read the full interview.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 19 lug 2016

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