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28 giugno 2016

Regent and the EU referendum

The vote in the recent referendum to leave the EU at some point over the next couple of years has shocked us at Regent, as it has shocked the world. There is no immediate change and we welcome people to our schools as enthusiastically as ever.

Since 1964 Regent Language Training has been committed to teaching English in the pursuit of a more connected world comprised of truly international people. We have welcomed and continue to welcome students from countries across the world, helping them to achieve their English language goals, whatever they may be.

The result of the recent UK referendum has come as shock not only to us at Regent, but to many citizens across the country. The decision to leave the EU represents a protest by many UK citizens who feel frustrated and alienated from our mainstream political leaders. They ignored the vast majority of expert views. The vote to remain in the EU was supported by the educated with the decision to remain being favoured in many university cities. Most of the cities where Regent have schools, Oxford, Cambridge, London, Edinburgh and Brighton, all voted overwhelmingly to stay within the EU. The vote was very close with 48% of the country voting to remain.

We would like to reassure everyone that there is no change in the way we are running our schools and that everything at Regent is how it was. There are no immediate changes to the visa system or anything else (except our sterling currency falling which means the courses are even better value for money if you are paying in your currency!). This decision will in no way affect our goal of delivering world class language training and our hopes of building a stronger, more closely connected world. We are as dedicated as ever to providing a positive, inclusive and results focused learning environment for all of our students.


Posted by Geoff Hardy-Gould on 28 giu 2016

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