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9 settembre 2016

Study skills - Use the language 24/7

Immersing yourself into a language is a fantastic way to improve your knowledge and fluency.  In addition, it can also provide cultural knowledge that can give you more of a natural feel for the language.  

On a Regent course there are many ways for you to immerse yourself into the language; by talking with your host family, joining the cultural programme or even simply visiting your local town or city centre and listening to authentic English conversations.

Before and after your course it can be difficult to experience the same level of immersion, but we have a few tips tips to help you immerse yourself in English at home.

Films, books and podcasts

Reading and listening in English is a great way to expand your vocabulary and with so many books and films in English there's always something you'll find interesting. Try to look for something that interests you as this will help to keep your attention as you learn about your interests in an English context. If you do a lot of travelling or have a long commute to work you could try listening to English podcasts that you can download to your phone and take with you wherever you go. With so many books, films and podcasts in English it is easy to find something that catches your attention.

Social media

Social media is a normal part of everyday life for people of all ages and from many countries across the world. The increased connectivity that social networks bring open opportunities to connect with English speaking online communities. Try connecting with English speaking social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Record your thoughts in English

Start a journal or diary in English to record your thoughts or even your experiences of studying and using English. You can start a traditional paper based journal, or you can use a private online journal site like If you'd prefer your writing to be read by others, you can always start your own blog using a blogging tool like

If you are looking for a further boost to your English, a course with Regent offers you a truly immersive experience. Our host families, school staff, cultural programmes and carefully designed courses work together to immerse you in the language without any distractions. To find out more about a course with Regent, please click here.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 9 set 2016

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