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4 ottobre 2016

International Day of Peace at Regent Cambridge

Students and teachers at Regent Cambridge celebrated the International Day of Peace with a series of events, activities and plenaries each exploring a different aspect of peace.


Teachers prepared students by encouraging them to discuss some key questions around the topic of peace during their Knowledge for a Global Community session. In one class, students discussed the UN's sustainable development goals. In all of the lessons it was agreed that peace has to be actively promoted to bring harmony to our tempestuous world.

On the International day of Peace, school Principal Najah held an inspiring plenary. At the beginning war was discussed and its causes. Then everyone watched a video about a DNA test: people from different countries were asked to take a test to see how many different countries were represented in their heritage. It was a poignant reminder that we all have an international background and shouldn't make judgements based on where a person is from.

During the day, students shared acts of peace with one another. Everyone was encouraged to do something kind for another member of the school and to 'pay it forward' when someone did something for them. Students were also given different quotes on the subject of peace to provoke them to think about the International Day and give them the joy of sharing something with someone.

At the end of the International Day of Peace, students sat on the grass to meditate with our academic manager Ewelina and our principal Najah. Ewelina asked them to close their eyes and relax, becoming open to the sounds of nature and their own heartbeat in order to find peace. Slowly opening their eyes the students ended this wonderful day of celebration by planting a tree.

Teachers also gave students a special project: to write a letter to a prominent world figure responsible for bringing about peace. During the Knowledge for a Global Community class, each student read their own letter for everyone in the school. It was very moving to listen to their words and to see how much commitment they put into this task.

On Thursday an ex-student and keen member of our Debating Club came to visit for a discussion about peace. He encouraged students to think about how they can bring about world peace. They debated the concept of a global government and in the end, the students agreed that war is usually explained by economic and religious motivations. It can't be stopped unless we find a truly global agreement. 

Posted by Kelly Knight on 4 ott 2016

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