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28 febbraio 2017

Exploring Arabic speakers' culture and traditions

In our pursuit of greater global knowledge and understanding, we encourage our students to make connections with people from other cultures and countries. To connect meaningfully with those from across the globe, it is important to understand their views and their unique perspective on the world.

The ability to share experiences and find common ground with Arabic speakers allows us to build connections and form strong and meaningful bonds, and better understand the importance of our inter-cultural relations. Arabic's prominence is growing on the world stage, and with as many as 422 million speakers worldwide it is one of the six most spoken languages in the world. 

Staff and students at Regent Oxford took the time to explore aspects of the Arabic speaking world, to learn more about their customs and culture and also to share common ground. Speakers from Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates came together to deliver an outstanding cultural symposium.

To be able to understand a culture we can look to the literary and musical traditions, what happens in day-to-day life and customs surrounding food. These different aspects of national culture are often the foundations on which their identities are built.

Our Arabic students shared their personal experiences and explored the customs and habits of daily life, they read Arabic poetry,  we shared music and dancing and ate a traditional meal of rice and lamb (Mhundi). Take a look below at some pictures from the evening, click here to find out more.



Posted by Kelly Knight on 28 feb 2017

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