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13 aprile 2015

Clear speaking week at Regent London

To commemorate the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination, the students at our London school focused on speeches and the importance of speech-making in the English language.

Speeches are an important way of using the English language for a specific purpose. They are often used to convey important information but are also ingrained in our cultural conventions, giving our students a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into some of the different ways language is used in British culture.

Of course, speeches are not always just focused on content, they are also concerned with confidence and a sense of importance or occasion and this can be hard to get right if we're speaking English as a foreign language. Giving a speech can be a fantastic way to improve your language skills as it can help you to focus on using different linguistic devices such as emphasis, metaphors or similes in order to make your point. Giving a speech will also help you to focus on your pronunciation and the fluency of your speech.

Addressing a crowd can often be a nerve racking experience, but the more you practise and feel comfortable with addressing a crowd, the more your confidence grows and this in turn will improve your performance. For some fantastic advice about giving a speech in a foreign language, have a look at this website:

Regent London has just hosted a 'Clear Speaking Week' for their students, who looked at the speaking conventions associated with cultural events such as weddings and funerals. This allowed students to explore different ways of using language for different occasions, and it also gave them a better understanding of some of our cultural practices and conventions. This combined with a presentation on how to reduce your accent and extra pronunciaton practice during lessons resulted in a really enjoyable, insightful and informative week for all of our students.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 13 apr 2015

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