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26 maggio 2015

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Every Regent school is a place for learning in a vibrant international community. Our students come from all over the world, and students gain an awareness of their own and others' cultures as they interact together in English. Our schools are positive, inclusive and results-driven environments which create a desire to learn, not only during lessons, but outside lessons from teachers, school staff and other students.

To celebrate the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, each Regent school took time to explore the cultural experiences of their students.


Regent Brighton

Students shared music from their different countries and cultures and discussed their cultural significance and how the music reflected the different aspects of their cutlures. Regent Brighton also held a lunchtime culture quiz, to test their students' knowledge of unusual laws and cultural practices.

Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth

To promote collaboration and debating skills, students formed their own mini United Nations. Participants presented and debated a range of topics associated with diversity including multiculturalism and gender equality.

Regent Cambridge

Students gave fast paced presentations to the school on a variety of topics relating to cultural diversity and successful communication between different cultures. Each student had convey their messages quickly and accurately.

Regent London

Students researched the immense cultural diversity in London and how that helps to make London such an exciting place. Janey gave an assembley on stereotyping and how our perceptions of other people should not be governed by preconceived ideas. Then Sam, London's Academic Manager, gave a fascinating lecture of the cultural, linguistic and regional diversity in the British Isles. He looked at the Welsh with their long tradition of music, poetry and sporting achievements and the uniqueness of the Welsh language.


Regent Edinburgh

Students enjoyed a cultural lunch with food from all over the world and focused on the similarities and differences between their different cultures. Students also discussed Edinburgh as a multicultural city and went out into the community to speak with Edinburgh residents to see how they view multiculturism in their city and the positive impact is has on their lives.


These events are representative of the day to day life of the schools and really highlight the importance of using English as an international language, and the importance of an awareness of the cultures of those we interact with globally.


Studying English at Regent means going beyond traditional teaching. All lessons are enhanced by the experiences of our students, which encourages discussion and colaboration. This involves each student using English in a much more meaningful way, enabling them to communicate their experiences and take ownership of their new found language skills.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 26 mag 2015

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