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12 luglio 2017

The student experience at Regent Oxford

Our students are at the centre of everything we do and are the reason we strive to always deliver the best possible student experience. 

Regent Oxford student Philipp Lochbühler recently took a 3 month CPE prearation course with Regent Oxford, and his hard work and the dedication of his teachers meant he passed his exam and can now take his next steps into his international future. Philipp got in touch with us to share his thoughts on his stay at Regent Oxford:

"After being back in my working life for one month now I thought I would tell you about my time at Regent Oxford.
I have spent 3 months in Oxford at Regent in a Cambridge Proficiency preparation course which ended in me taking the exam and as I found out this week with success. I would like to thank you for advising me and planning my language stay and for suggesting Regent Oxford. The school met my expectations in every way and especially the quality of education was exceptional. Also the accommodation was perfect and helped me to practise the language outside of the classroom. During my time I always felt like the school especially Ollie (Regent Oxford's Academic Manager) tried everything in their power to help me pass the exam by putting together a course that was truly designed for the CPE. Having proof of my success in the exam shows that they really knew what they were doing.
I can highly recommend the school and Oxford as a city, especially for students with an already high level of English given that the teachers are well educated and trained to make students develop their language skills even on a proficiency level which makes it very suitable for Swiss students. The school also pushes you to work hard… I rarely went out of the library before 6 which really helped to raise my level.
The school was always looking for feedback and points to be improved which is hard to do when a school is as good as Regent is!
Long story short, I am very thankful for my time in Oxford and for the fact that I managed to pass the exam. If it had not been for this exceptional school, I would never have been able to increase my level in such a significant way.
Thank you Ollie and the whole team for everything!"
Philipp Lochbühler

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