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29 gennaio 2018

5 ways personal coaching can help you achieve your goals

When studying a foreign language it’s easy to feel like you’re not making progress and it can be difficult to identify problem areas on your own. To combat this, we use personal coaching, alongside your English language lessons to help you to stay focused and achieve more than you thought possible.


1. Building your future identity in English

When we ask people why they’re taking English lessons, often we’ll hear students say they want to increase their fluency or pass an exam, but our coaches want to help you see beyond the end of your course. Our teachers work closely with you to help build an idea of your future identity in English. Where do you see yourself using English? How do others see you in this role as an English speaker? How will learning English benefit you? This visualisation gives your learning a sense of purpose and helps you to increase your motivation.

2. Goal setting

Now we have helped you be clearer about your future identity as an English speaker, how can you make sure you get there? Your teacher-coach will help you set short term concrete goals that can be measured. So instead of setting a goal to read more, you might set a goal to read two newspaper articles by next week’s session. In this way you and your coach can easily assess whether you have achieved your goal giving you a sense of immediate satisfaction, motivating you to achieve more next time. 

3. Identifying areas of strength and weakness

Finding your personal strengths and weaknesses helps you plan your learning and shows you areas you need to work on or pay more attention to during and after class. Identifying these areas by yourself can be challenging, so for coach can offer a fresh perspective to help to clarify the areas on which you need extra attention.

4. Taking responsibility

Having a weekly coaching session, as we do in Regent, can help you take responsibility for your learning. During classes it can be easy to think that you’re learning passively, but knowing that your coach will be checking your progress gives you the motivation you need to engage fully with the lesson and dedicate more time to your studies after class. We also encourage students to take ownership of their learning by setting their own goals, with the help and guidance of their coach.

5. Boost confidence

Everyone likes to be told they’re doing well and making progress, and personal coaching is no exception. Having a 1:1 session with your coach and being able to freely discuss your achievements and progress provides a huge confidence boost which can spur you on to continue to work hard.

6. Accelerated progress

These elements combine to help you advance your ability quickly. Having a personal coach guide your learning and act as a source of support and encouragement helps you to stay goal focused, visualise your future and ultimately achieve your goals in English.

At Regent we include a 1:1 coaching session on every adult course.


Posted by Kelly Knight on 29 gen 2018

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