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20 luglio 2015

Inspirational leaders - Nelson Mandela International Day

On the 18th of July students at all of our schools celebrated the life and memory of one of the world's greatest leaders, Nelson Mandela.

To commemorate his life our teachers incorporated the theme of inspirational leaders into their lessons. Each school took a different approach to the task and found a range of interesting ways to encourage students to engage in English on the subject of inspirational leadership.

The team at Regent Cambridge linked their lessons to leadership qualities and challenged their students to consider what it meant to be a leader and to present their ideas to their classmates.

Higher level students at Regent Edinburgh researched the ethical issues surrounding the use of historical figures in advertisments, whilst other students looked into the historical accuracy of the film Madela: Long Walk to Freedom.

At Bournemouth, teachers encouraged students to share their national and personal heroes with their class and then give a presentation to the group.

Regent Oxford asked students to write about the leader who had inspired them most. Their work has been collected together into a magazine which you can download by clicking here


Posted by Kelly Knight on 20 lug 2015

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