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27 luglio 2015

TED talks at Regent

On a Regent course, you don't simply learn English, you learn how to use English to communicate competently and confidently on a range of subjects.

The TED talks style lectures and presentations given by staff and students at Regent schools demonstrate our passion for sharing knowledge and promoting understanding with our students, whilst improving and expanding their knowledge of the English language.

At Regent Oxford lectures given recently by staff have included topics such as pronunciation, art and literature in communication, creative writing and leadership. With this in mind, the students were then challenged to take their turn giving TED talks style presentations on subjects of their choice. The students chose subjects that meant a lot to them personally, giving them the opportunity to explore their passions and build their identity in English. Presentation subjects included  'Beauty throughout History' to 'Psychological Experiments' to 'Photography Techniques'. 

This style of observation and presentation helps to build our students' confidence by giving examples of excellent presentation skills and techniques, and then challenging our students to produce their own. This gives all our students to opportunity to examine their own skills and ask themselves how they can do better. All students fully embraced the task and gave a series of well thought out and interesting lectures. 

We interviewed the students who gave the best presentation, see what they had to say below:

An Interview with our TED Talk winners, Gozde and Tatsiana:
The topic: "Enterprise and Body Language"
Q: Why did you choose "Enterprise and Body Language as your topic?
A: Gozde: "We chose this because of the importance for the future. Many people wonder how to have successful careers. Many people are afraid of risk. The first step is always the most difficult, and many wonder how to start the process. Your ideas are very important and so is being able to speak eloquently to others."
Q: How did presenting your TED Talk help build confidence in your futures?
A: Tatsiana: "This experience helped build my confidence in English and was a great opportunity to present in front of my fellow students."
A: Gozde: "Normally I'm a teacher, and I like speaking in front of others. The most important thing is to relay the correct information to others. Many students ask us many questions 
about many different subjects, and we want to be able to give the correct answers in English."
Q: What was the best thing about doing your TED Talk?
A: Tatsiana: "The best thing about doing the TED Talk was that we could keep everyone's attention."
Q: How did the teachers' TED Talks on Tuesday help you with your own TED Talk?
A: Gozde: "Laurence's Pronunciation TED Talk and Henry's Natural English TED Talk really helped us focus on how we spoke during our own TED Talk."
Q: What have you taken away from the TED Talks week? 
A: Tatsiana: "Watching the other TED Talks and presenting our own TED Talk has inspired us to look for more of them online for further English education and inspiration."



Posted by Kelly Knight on 27 lug 2015

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