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13 febbraio 2019

4 community events at Regent Oxford

At Regent Oxford we strive to always deliver the best possible student experience. Every week we organise stimulating, educational events. This provides a chance for staff and students to exchange their own unique perspectives in English and to share knowledge, ideas and expertise on a wide range of subjects.

We inspire confidence and create opportunities to practise English in language use through speeches and teambuilding activities as well as utilising plenaries, workshops and events to encourage learning and social exchange. Daily events promote sense of camaraderie and community which is at the heart of the Regent Oxford experience. Here are some of the events that happened recently:

Showcasing innovation:

Creativity was key in this Knowledge for the Global Communtiy class. In groups, our students devised cutting edge inventions and developed impressive adverts for their new products. Students were then invited to showcase their ideas to all the other groups.


Oral tradition:

We emphasise to our students that language learning is important even outside the classroom; in a social and cultural context. We had the renowned storyteller David Heathfield pay us a visit to regale our students as part of National Storytelling week.

For videos please click the following links:

Joha and the duck soup, a tale from the Middle East & A frog and a bird an Umbundu story.

Critical thinking:

Our school was transformed into an art gallery as students gave open-minded opinions on various photographs that they entered into the Instagram competition. Critical thinking, verbal skills were required in evaluating 'art as a medium' and how this is readily available on social media.


Informative workshop:

Steve approached the topic of 'Fake News' in this thought-provoking workshop. Students discussed the impact of propoganda on media outlets and this affects the global community.