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20 ottobre 2015

World Food Day

World Food Day is acknowledged to raise awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger. These issues affect many people from different countries and cultures, providing a common goal for different countries to work together to eradicate poverty and hunger worldwide.

Our schools took this opportunity to discuss the importance of food to different cultures around the world and explore the different meanings of food to different cultures. By sharing foods that have importance in our own culture, we also share our experiences and help to build bridges and make connections with other cultures, promoting cooperation and community across cultures and borders. 

Take a look below to see what our schools got up to:

Regent Oxford looked at British food traditions and held an afternoon tea with their students.

Regent London took a different look at British food. Principal Janey gave a talk on the oddities of British cuisine, and offered samples of some of the more unusual edibles that the UK has to offer, including Marmite, pork pies, chicken tikka marsala, Yorkshire pudding and haggis!

Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth held an international lunch and encouraged their students to bring in and share food from their home countries

This summer Regent Young Learners asked their students to give presentations on food from their own countries. Click here to see one of our students in action!

Regent Edinburgh Students brought in various things from around the world and ended up with a rather odd mix. Students had gherkins, pretzels, haggis, chips, salsa, guacamole, chocolates, apple pie, red velvet cake, green tea, scones and peri peri chicken to choose from! 

Regent Brighton linked their Knowledge for the Global Community class to World Food Day, with students doing a variety of projects including research on areas such as international dining etiquette and the historical origins of traditional dishes.

Have a look below at a collection of photos from the day



Posted by Kelly Knight on 20 ott 2015

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