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22 novembre 2015

World Art Day at Regent Brighton

October 25th was International Artist Day, celebrated to promote local artists and the importance of art to society.

Students at Regent Brighton took time to consider the cultural significance of art to communities across the world, discussing international artistic traditions and critically evaluating works of art. Works of art tell a story and can help us enhance our understanding of different cultures in ways that words may not be able to describe. Investigating these works of art help our students understand the cultures from which these works of art originate, and also help develop their critical thinking skills which can be applied to their language learning and many other aspects of their lives.

Students at Regent Brighton were also visited by a local artist who gave a class on how to draw in charcoal. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to practise their comprehension skills, but also a chance to get creative and show off their artistic abilities. Take a look below at some pictures from the day.


Posted by Kelly Knight on 22 nov 2015

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