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15 dicembre 2015

Global Entrepreneurship week

Global Entrepreneurship week is an opportunity to celebrate innovation and those who strive to make a difference. Our schools focused their learning around this subject with some interesting results.

Entrepreneurship involves creativity and bravery, generating original ideas and having the confidence to share them with others. By focusing on this topic, our students had a fantastic opportunity to practise their critical thinking, presentation and persuasive skills. These skills are valuable to business leaders, and so for our students future success in life. Students were asked to come up with business ideas and present them to the group. Learning to present with confidence has huge benefits; speaking aloud to a group encourages us to consider the way in which we speak, including our pronunciation and the natural rhythm of our speech. Through presentation practice and feedback from a teacher our students become aware of the areas which need more work, helping spoken performance to develop.

See what our schools got up to below:

Regent Edinburgh:

Students considered why our world might need 'global entrepreneurs' rather than entrepreneurs in general. They were also tasked with bringing an international business to Edinburgh using a specific building.

Regent Brighton:

Tying in with our Confident Spoken Performance sessions, students learnt how to prepare and deliver an effective business pitch.

Regent Cambridge:

Students at Regent Cambridge also looked at how to make a successful pitch, what characteristics entrepreneurs need to survive in the world of business and how to use team work to solve a potential problem.

Regent Summer Schools:

During the summer our young learners completed a Performance Project that explored their entrepreneurial skills. The theme for the week was 'recycling', the project was to answer the question "Is recycling really worth it?" and the performance was a Dragons' Den style 'Genius or Junk' presentation. 

See pictures below from Regent Cambridge:

Posted by Kelly Knight on 15 dic 2015

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