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9 febbraio 2016

Study skills - Make cards

Making flashcards for language learning can be a useful tool to help you learn new vocabulary, idioms or phrases. One of the most useful things about making flashcards is that they can be personalised and made to work for you helping to ensure you get the most out of your revision.

Flashcards are easy to make and easy to use, and once you have your set it can easily be changed and adapted to your expanding vocabulary. A set of flashcards can be made bigger or smaller, depending on your lifestyle. If you travel a lot then a small set can easily fit in a pocket or a bag and are ready to use when you have a few moments to spare on a train or on your lunch break. Once you've created your flashcards that's not the end. If you carry spare notecards or a notebook with you, you can make note of new and interesting words you encounter during your day, ready to be added to your set and improve your vocabulary.


Everybody learns differently, so personalising your flashcards is a great way to play to your strengths and help yourself to learn effectively. Maybe you're a visual learner, if so, add a picture of the word to the back of the flashcard instead of a translation to strengthen the visual association with that word. Maybe you find it easier to write the word in a contextual situation to help you understand how the words can be used.


If you're put off by the thought of having to hand-craft your own set of flashcards then you're in luck! There is a great choice of flashcard applications that can be used on your home computer, tablet or smartphone. These can be used to create your own personalised set of flashcards quickly and easily. Some of these applications have a spaced repetition function which can help your memory and recall. Spaced repetition is a learning method that helps you improve your recall by increasing the amount of time between your review of vocabulary you have already studied and works well with flashcards.


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Posted by Kelly Knight on 9 feb 2016

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