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25 hours of structured learning per week 

Our Compact Study course is an intensive programme designed for teenagers who want to improve their English for study in an international environment. The course includes 2 supervised age-appropriate evening activities per week.

This course is offered at Regent Scanbrit in Bournemouth year round, except between 16/06 and 24/08.

  • 15 hours of intensive English lessons with a maximum of 6 students per group
  • 10 hours of intensive English lessons with a maximum of 12 students per group
  •  Full board accommodation with a local host family gives plenty of opportunity for practice outside of school
  •  2 supervised age-appropriate evening activities per week.

What’s included

Compact Study course: 25 hours of structured learning per week, full board accommodation with a local homestay, 2 evening activities per week, supervision by Regent Staff, identity card, certificate of Achievement and personal laundry.

The course includes 25 hours of learning in groups of 6 and 12 students.

Seize the day (full school assembly)

A stimulating, energetic session before class. Fast paced language activities such as Pecha-Kucha and word-bingo prepare students for a full day’s study.

English skills for schools (maximum 6 students per class)

This session develops the skills not only needed in education but also in everyday life. Areas covered may include the skills required for listening to lectures, essay writing, speaking in front of an audience, reading academic texts.

Grammar in context (maximum 6 students per class)

Investigating grammatical rules in contexts that are relevant to the students e.g. in magazine articles, TV interviews with current celebrities. Students use these sessions to perfect their grammar skills and work to eliminate common errors

Cultural English (maximum 6 students per class)

Few experiences will make you grow as a person more than learning the values, habits and way of life in a culture that is different from yours. In this session students discover different aspects of teenage life in the UK. Where do British children socialize, is it more face to face or is it online? What is the education system in the UK? How do teens speak? – the correct use of informal English and slang.

The Written word (maximum 12 students per class)

During The Written word session students analyse written work – both their own and other’s, looking at error correction, use of the different types of language used in different written pieces. They will produce different types of the written word every week.

The Spoken word (maximum 12 students per class)

The Spoken word session helps students to focus on their fluency and accuracy in speaking. Other areas include the importance of body language whilst speaking, accent reduction and the differences between formal and informal language.

  Sample timetable

07.30 Wake up
08.00 Breakfast with host family
08.45 Seize the day!
09.00 English skills for schools
10.15 Grammar in context
11.30 The written word
12.30 Lunch in school
13.30 Cultural English
14.45 The Spoken Word
16.00 Social activity
18.00 Dinner with host
19.30 Activity with homestay host
21.30 Home
22.00 Sleep

This is a typical timetable and may be subject to change