Regent Corsi d'inglese

Corsi d'inglese

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You can choose to live at the school (residential), live with local people (homestay) or live with your teacher:

Regent at Stowe - Residential

Regent Stowe offers a full immersion, British boarding school experience at Stowe School, one of England's finest schools. Children quickly become familiar with their daily surroundings which helps them to build confidence and make new friends. Students have a single room or share with juniors of different nationalities helping to ensure that students speak English at all times. Girls and boys are accommodated separately. All meals are taken at the school, except on excursion days when packed lunches are provided. The schools operate a banking service for pocket money and lockable storage facilities for valuables. 

Bournemouth - Homestay

Living with a local family provides an ideal opportunity to practise English outside the class. All meals are provided by the family including a packed lunch on school days and excursion days. Homestay programmes are perfect for students who desire more independence as our students walk to and from school from their homestay each day. After evening activities and before curfew students are welcome to explore their local area, learning about life in a British seaside town.