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Dynamic English Courses for Teenagers & Children

All English - Senior

Develop skills in English through structured language sessions and Interest based learning which nurtures academic success encourages critical thinking and utilises their interests in life. 

Age range: 13-17

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All English - Exam

Prepare for Cambridge FCE or CAE exams and take the exam on site at the end of the course. The course offers 21 hours of lessons included 11 hours of dedicated exam skills training.

Age range: 13-17

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Sixth Form Summer

An ensuite programme specifically designed for older students considering options for university. Choose Business, Science or IELTS, with academic skills training.

Age range: 16-17

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All English - Junior

A fully supervised course with separate teachers and course leaders skilled at engaging youngsters. Junior students are escorted throughout the course and have lively activities tailored for their age.

Age range: 7-12

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Compact Study

An intensive course with just 6 participants in morning lessons. Ideal for students thinking of studying overseas or already studying overseas. Start any Sunday outside summer.

Age range: 12-15

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Home Tuition

Study in the teacher’s home for an intensive and tailor made course designed to the student’s exact needs. The course includes at least three special activities with the teacher each week.

Age range: 7-17

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Child Welfare

Regent Language Training takes the welfare of children on our courses very seriously and we do everything we can to ensure that our students are safe and have a great educational experience.  For more information please see our child protection policy.  All our policy documents are available here.