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Summer 2024 - English Courses for Children and Teenagers

All English - Senior

Students develop skills in English through structured language sessions which nurture academic success.

Age range: 13-17 years

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All English - Junior

A fully supervised course. Junior students have lively activities tailored for their age.  

Age range: 11-12 years

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Regent - long experience of English summer schools 

Regent has over 50 years' experience in providing high quality English language summer courses for children and teenagers aged 11-17.  


Learning environment

We encourage each student to become an effective communicator. We create a positive environment, encouraging each individual to achieve their best.  Our courses are educationally-led and designed to ensure robust progress.  Assistance: A 24 hour emergency contact line is in place throughout the duration of all courses.


Child Welfare 

Regent Language Training takes the welfare of children on our courses very seriously and we do everything we can to ensure that our students are safe and have a great educational experience.   All our policy documents are available here.