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The CLIL Methodology and Language Improvement course (CLIL = Content and Language Integrated Learning) runs a Regent Oxford and Regent London and is targeted at secondary school teachers who need to teach their subjects through English: its dual focus is classroom practice and language improvement.  We offer a one or two week course.

Sample timetable:

Language Competence Training (09:00 – 12:30)
With your teacher you will follow a programme of language learning designed to help you understand the theory (including grammar) and practice of English language, including extensive focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, and other essential language-learning components.

Language Focus (13:30 – 15:45)
These two hours are dedicated to improving your general competence in English: comprehension, fluency and vocabulary extension. There are also opportunities to observe and feed back on English language classes and discuss best practice with our teachers.


This course focuses on:

  • The importance of functional language
  • Developing and understanding task-based learning principles and techniques of correction, both written and oral
  • Developing students' four skills
  • Presentation and practice of new language
  • Dealing with students' pronunciation
  • Understanding learner motivation
  • Using technology in the classroom
  • Using project work in the classroom
  • Testing and assessment

Download the Regent Oxford information sheet

Download the Regent London information sheet

EU teachers can apply for an Erasmus Plus grant for this course using the Erasmus Plus PIC codes below:

Regent London: 945383632

Regent Oxford: 933400252 

Regent Cambridge: 925725321

Regent Edinburgh: 928833880 

Regent Brighton: 925780611