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17 January 2017

Regent teachers at Teacher Conference

We believe that our teachers are our most valuable asset. We try to foster a strong sense of community and collaboration between our teachers to help them to continually develop. Exploring new ideas and teaching methods in a teacher conference helps to ensure that our students always receive excellent, inspirational and up to date teaching, helping them to achive their potential.

The Instill Education teachers’ conference is held each year and gives our teachers a space in which they can explore their ideas and experiences while sharing them with their peers.  This helps to  foster an atmosphere of mutual learning to benefit both speakers and attendees.

This year’s conference was in London, and was centred on the theme of removing barriers.  Four Regent teachers gave a variety of talks on this subject:

Linking Soundscape/ Linking Sound System - Ian Holmes, Academic Manager at Regent London

Fluency requires connected speech; in connected speech syllables require traction; traction requires consonants- but what do we do when there are no consonants.? This session presented an innovation to help learners to experiment with their own ideas, test the theory and discover some of the keys to the sound -spelling relationship English. 

Communiculture in the Classroom Harry Thain, Regent Oxford

Whether in or out of the classroom, students may not be aware of how great a role cultural habits play on their manner and the impact this can have on their interactions. This session proposed a lesson shape to raise students' awareness of cultural differences and how to harness this knowledge in future interactions in the global community. 

Removing Barriers for Teaching English to Professionals  - Will Rixon, Regent Cambridge

Will's session explored ways of engaging all types of in-work students and discussed how to address mixed abilities, diverse personalities and very different individual needs in teaching stuidents to use English internationally as a professional life skill.

Kick-Starting Your Lesson With a Daily Scrum  - Sheila Maclean, Regent Oxford

Scrum meetings are a quick and dynamic way to put students in the driving seat, give them a voice right from the get go, and helping them to take ownership of their goals.  It benefits students’ perceptions of success, their interpersonal skills, and their ability to speak freely and fluently.

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Posted by Kelly Knight on 17 Jan 2017

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