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27 May 2015

Challenging learning at Regent schools

Every Regent course is designed to challenge the learner to achieve their goals and surpass their own expectations of what they can achieve. We have high expectations of all of our students and do all we can to make sure students set realistic but challenging goals, and strive to attain these learning outcomes.

Teachers at Regent schools use a variety of skills and techniques to achieve a learning environment where learners are confident in themselves and believe that they can achieve their goals. This is built upon with a dynamic course structure and teachers who are not afraid to challenge students to exceed their expectations and achieve their potential.


How does a Regent course challenge students to achieve their goals?

  1. Setting realistic but demanding goals

    Teachers work with students to set aspirational but achievable goals. This gives the student a sense of direction and also sets high expectations for their performance and progress. Goals are personal and each student understands that it is their responsibility to work hard to achieve these goals.

  2. Challenging lessons

    Lessons are designed to challenge every student in the class. Teachers know that within each ability group students will have different strengths and weaknesses, and that it is important that each student feels challenged and motivated to learn as much as they can.

  3. Dynamic, fast-paced lessons

    At Regent, a teaching hour is 60 minutes, 15 minutes more than industry standard. We know that every minute is valuable to our students, which is why we ensure that every lesson is paced well and combines activities that require careful thought and spoken performance and debate. This helps to keep students interested and motivated to complete their current task to the best of their ability.

  4. Encouragement

    Teachers focus on creating a positive atmosphere in which students are encouraged to take pride in their work, but also to strive for a greater result next time. Students know that there is always room for improvement and positive feedback reinforces this.

  5. Comfortable learning environment

    Every student needs self confidence in order to be able to visualise and believe that they can achieve their goals. Our schools foster an inclusive environment where each student feels that they belong to an international community of language learners. This safe and comfortable environment encourages students to commit to their goals and work hard to achieve them

  6. Feedback

    Timely and realistic feedback is an essential part of every Regent course. Students take a weekly progress test which highlights areas of improvement and makes the student aware of areas which need more consideration. Students are filmed on their first day and in their last week, the difference in their performance helps the student appreciate how their English language skills have developed and gives them a clear indication of the progress they have made. We also encourage students to monitor their progress to help students use their own knowledge to identify areas of significant progress and areas which need greater focus. 

Posted by Kelly Knight on 27 May 2015

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