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19 July 2017

Aviation specialists at Regent Language Training

Earlier this year we welcomed a number of groups of air traffic controllers to Regent London, Regent Cambridge and Regent Oxford. Each school delivered a highly specialised training programme designed to enhance the use of English under pressure and in aviation related scenarios.

In lessons

Air traffic controllers work in high pressure environments where accuracy and clarity are essential, with complex and highly specialised information being communicated quickly and precisely. Our carefully designed courses ensure that the needs of professionals in the aviation industry are met, with each session being carefully planned to meet a specific needs. We focus on areas including vocabulary, giving instructions with clarity and confidence, troubleshooting, accent reduction as well as a number of tasks based in true to life situations. We also include a 1:1 coaching session to help each participant focus on specific feedback and areas for improvement and working lunches with industry professionals.

On excursion

To give context to their lessons, we plan excursions to aviation related destinations including:

  • Cranfield University ATC Tower
  • Duxford Museum
  • RAF Markham – including meeting with a local pilot
  • RAF Museum Hendon
  • Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Our feedback

Student feedback is essential for us to ensure we keep delivering outstanding and life changing courses. It’s also a great way to convey the true impact a Regent course can have. Take a look below at some of the feedback we’ve received.


Posted by Kelly Knight on 19 Jul 2017

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