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9 February 2015

Meeting the founder of Regent - celebrating 50 years

50 years ago on 1st October 1964 David Mariano founded Regent, opening the first school in central London.  It was in the Regent Street telephone code area, and so he called his school Regent London. Geoff Hardy-Gould, the current head of Regent, met up with David to celebrate his achievement.  David ran Regent for 30 years - Geoff was a teacher and Academic Manager under David for several years before David's retirement.   

Regent was founded as a response to poorly organised schools, by experienced, energetic teacher David Mariano who wanted to provide a proper school, with proper teachers and proper courses. He had worked in a variety of schools, both good and bad and knew the difference!  Over 30 years David built Regent into one of the most respected names in English language teaching in the UK.  Teachers from the early days of Regent went on to be movers and shakers in the industry - British Council inspectors and Chief Inspectors, the Chair of English UK and famous course book and materials writers.  David was motivated by a passion for education and not for building a business - although he was clearly successful as we can see 50 years on!

Posted by Geoff Hardy-Gould on 9 Feb 2015

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