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10 March 2016

Lost in Translation? Reading, listening and watching... in English

Many world famous books, films and songs use English as their language of communication using words and phrases that convey very specific meanings.

Many books and films have been translated into a wide variety of languages.  However, in translation the meaning can change or be lost altogether. Reading, watching and listening in English not only helps you learn English, but gives you music, books or films to enjoy as the author intended. For a list of the best books written in English, click here.


Watching films in English not only helps you learn new vocabulary but helps to build your cultural knowledge too. Understanding the context around certain words and phrases helps you use English more effectively and communicate more clearly. A thorough understanding of the culture associated with a language can help you in many ways. For a list of the top 100 British films, click here.


Having a good knowledge of English improves your travel experiences even if you're not travelling within English speaking countries. Many countries use English as a 'lingua franca', an international language of communication. The ability to use English helps you to navigate across the world and experience new and diverse locations.


English has the ability to open many doors of opportunity for each learner. As your English improves you can explore new cultural possibilities and in turn these experiences can improve your English and broaden your view of the world. If you feel that your English isn't advancing fast enough, click here to find out about the different courses we offer.

Posted by Kelly Knight on 10 Mar 2016

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