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Running exclusively at Regent Oxford, this course is focused on helping teachers acquire and refine the skills that allow them to teach difficult students. 

During their careers, most teachers will at some stage encounter students who are difficult to teach. Often they struggle to make use of their learning environment and may display signs of social, emotional or behavioural difficulties and may be withdrawn or appear disengaged from their studies, or they may have been diagnosed with a special educational need such as ADHD.

We have designed this course to help teachers identify and understand how and why these learners cause issues for teachers while developing a better understanding of the underlying reasons for their behaviour. The curriculum looks at how teachers can create a more inclusive learning environment and develop better responses for challenging situations, helping these learners to feel comfortable and succeed in their studies.  The course combines professional trainer development with a large amount of English practice throughout.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand difficult pupil behaviour
  • understand how therapeutic approaches can be effectively integrated into classroom teaching
  • feel that they have worked on their personal as well as professional development.


EU teachers can apply for an Erasmus Plus grant for this course using the Erasmus Plus PIC codes below:

Regent Oxford: 933400252